Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Bags + Hating Photography

I made 2 cute new bags this week. Both using screenprinted images and one using a screenprinted tulip fabric as well. I really enjoy making bags with a big pocket on the front to display a single image. here are some pics

I have also discovered my new hatred for photography. I haven't always felt this way. I mean taking pics of friends and my cat is cool but product photography. YUK! i can't stand it. the only way i get good pics of my stuff is if i set up this big contraption where i turn a table over and set up shop in the middle of the room. It might be different if i made small things and could set up a cute little lightbox. This is not the case. I drape white sheets on my turned over table and light the room up with 5 million watt bulbs (make sure they are daylight bulbs or everything is yellow). i'm basically creating this crazy ghetto lightbox which is cool but such a hassle to assemble every time i want to take a pic. So in the middle of the living room we have our table turned over, lights clamped onto any and all sturdy pieces of furniture and my old cat knocking everything over. And don't tell me to go outside! the direct light just makes the fabric look wrinkled even after steaming and ironing twice. oh well. i just ordered a lightbox tent though which basically folds up when you are finished using it so maybe that will make the process easier. to put your stuff up to sell on etsy or anywhere you need good photos so i guess i'll have to suck it up and keep trying new tricks to make it less tedious.

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