Sunday, December 30, 2007


I forgot that i put this flickr page up 2 years ago featuring drawings i was working on at the time. i still love these drawings and might figure our how to print them on bags or shirts or something. in the meantime have a look at my flickr page

here are some of the drawings:

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Front Page

For anyone that knows Etsy, making the front page is a big deal. One makes the front page by being picked from other sellers who create a favorites page (a treasury) or a page of items that look good and compliment each other. I now feel like a superstar since my Cuckoo Clock baby onesie made it to the front page. I'm so glad i was home to catch it and get a screenshot.

OH and here's another treasury that my owl onesie is in. A mustard treasury.

New Bags + Hating Photography

I made 2 cute new bags this week. Both using screenprinted images and one using a screenprinted tulip fabric as well. I really enjoy making bags with a big pocket on the front to display a single image. here are some pics

I have also discovered my new hatred for photography. I haven't always felt this way. I mean taking pics of friends and my cat is cool but product photography. YUK! i can't stand it. the only way i get good pics of my stuff is if i set up this big contraption where i turn a table over and set up shop in the middle of the room. It might be different if i made small things and could set up a cute little lightbox. This is not the case. I drape white sheets on my turned over table and light the room up with 5 million watt bulbs (make sure they are daylight bulbs or everything is yellow). i'm basically creating this crazy ghetto lightbox which is cool but such a hassle to assemble every time i want to take a pic. So in the middle of the living room we have our table turned over, lights clamped onto any and all sturdy pieces of furniture and my old cat knocking everything over. And don't tell me to go outside! the direct light just makes the fabric look wrinkled even after steaming and ironing twice. oh well. i just ordered a lightbox tent though which basically folds up when you are finished using it so maybe that will make the process easier. to put your stuff up to sell on etsy or anywhere you need good photos so i guess i'll have to suck it up and keep trying new tricks to make it less tedious.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i just stayed up all night making a website. i was kind of dreading it because of my contempt for html but i decided to give myself one night to make it and just put it up without over-analyzing it. for now it will just link to my etsy shop because i am finished for the night and can't imaging trying to put in a shopping cart right now. besides - i need to get my inventory and designs together. MORE BAGS. once again it is too late to upload photos and i'm off to sleep. i have to get up tomorrow for Dim Sum with my Jewish family on Xmas. should be a blast!

check out my new site

Thursday, December 20, 2007

sew tired

I'm tired. i've been sewing all day. i will put up pics tomorrow of my new cool bag that i love but right now i don't think i can work a camera. i just came to get into bed and checked etsy and have a message saying that I am in another blog. yay, i love this! the blog is:

Monday, December 17, 2007

At first i thought this designer was named henryroad but it turns out that it is a woman who grew up on Henry Road in Africa. Maybe i should go by the name OneHundredFortyEighthStreet. what do you think? The designers name is Paula Smail and i love her stuff. it's nice and busy with different cool prints. I'm not sure if she prints herself but i just love that red bag regardless.

My little cute onesie sale pack

I have been printing these onesies lately and selling them on etsy. they seemed to fly off the shelves the second they hit the screen which was very cool. i started printing them for friends with babies and realized how much easier it is to get wholesale, quality baby stuff than adult womens tees (while waiting to get my tax ID# and all). onesies were a good way to begin getting inventory without spending massive amounts of cash. well all of a sudden the house is covered with onesies and tiny tees everywhere!
check them out on my etsy page ----------->

They have been featured on this blog Trendy Tots (do i need to have a kid to get the monster repellent?)

old inner tire parts

i know this has been linked to death but it's the coolest thing ever and i just had to put it up. apparently these necklaces are made from inner bike tire parts. it's a good thing i don't wear too much jewelry or i'd be in the garage ripping apart my bike tires. here's the link
it's from this website

My short story

hi everyone. i have decided to become a blogger.

I had been teaching special ed. in bed stuy and east new york for 6 years and just quit this past year and now i'm here cause i wanna make stuff, write about my wanting to make stuff and venture into the world of being a small business owner *yikes*

i want to make a variety of things these days and sell them on etsy and eventually on my own site and in some stores. i'm not sure of exactly what yet. i mean i have an idea of what i want to make including but not limited to:

BAGS of all and EVERY sort/ screenprinted shirts, re-constructed shirts/ baby clothes/ baby items such as bibs, screenprinted quilts & sewn booties/ recycled material (newspapers and such) votive holders & screenprint decorated votive holders/ screenprinted and sewn kitchen gear, aprons, potholders, dishtowels/ paper mache jewelry/ screenprinted & sewn necklaces and jewelry/ different useful sewn items such as coffee cup holders toolbelts, winter gear and gardening satchels.

well obviously this isn't all going to happen overnight or anytime soon so i decided to start with bags and baby clothes. I have the baby tees and onesies pretty much designed and ready to go and they are really easy to print. I mean you could design any print for a baby and it would be cute. next step, adult ladies tees and my precious totes that i have been mentally designing for years!

mostly i just want to be creative again. when i was teaching i didn't have the time or energy to put into making stuff and being crafty (for myself) but now i'm super inspired and excited to sew sew sew and get super crafty.

blog blog

this is my blog.