Monday, December 17, 2007

My little cute onesie sale pack

I have been printing these onesies lately and selling them on etsy. they seemed to fly off the shelves the second they hit the screen which was very cool. i started printing them for friends with babies and realized how much easier it is to get wholesale, quality baby stuff than adult womens tees (while waiting to get my tax ID# and all). onesies were a good way to begin getting inventory without spending massive amounts of cash. well all of a sudden the house is covered with onesies and tiny tees everywhere!
check them out on my etsy page ----------->

They have been featured on this blog Trendy Tots (do i need to have a kid to get the monster repellent?)



WOO! Congrats baby! :D

Isa said...

So cute! I will order some for Norah.