Monday, December 17, 2007

My short story

hi everyone. i have decided to become a blogger.

I had been teaching special ed. in bed stuy and east new york for 6 years and just quit this past year and now i'm here cause i wanna make stuff, write about my wanting to make stuff and venture into the world of being a small business owner *yikes*

i want to make a variety of things these days and sell them on etsy and eventually on my own site and in some stores. i'm not sure of exactly what yet. i mean i have an idea of what i want to make including but not limited to:

BAGS of all and EVERY sort/ screenprinted shirts, re-constructed shirts/ baby clothes/ baby items such as bibs, screenprinted quilts & sewn booties/ recycled material (newspapers and such) votive holders & screenprint decorated votive holders/ screenprinted and sewn kitchen gear, aprons, potholders, dishtowels/ paper mache jewelry/ screenprinted & sewn necklaces and jewelry/ different useful sewn items such as coffee cup holders toolbelts, winter gear and gardening satchels.

well obviously this isn't all going to happen overnight or anytime soon so i decided to start with bags and baby clothes. I have the baby tees and onesies pretty much designed and ready to go and they are really easy to print. I mean you could design any print for a baby and it would be cute. next step, adult ladies tees and my precious totes that i have been mentally designing for years!

mostly i just want to be creative again. when i was teaching i didn't have the time or energy to put into making stuff and being crafty (for myself) but now i'm super inspired and excited to sew sew sew and get super crafty.

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